Core HR Projects

Definition of Company Values and associated behaviour

Having defined the values for a Captive of a European IT major with 1000 plus employees, helped in its deployment by defining associated behaviours with examples enabling employees to practice same.

MVV formulation & Vision Deployment initiative in a Leading Indian IT Company:

Worked with a global Indian IT Company (US$250 Mn, 6000 employees) to create a ‘Shared Vision’ to support its growth plans.
The apex leadership team worked together in a 2 day workshop to develop a Vision and to align its people and other strategies. LSIP (Large Scale Interactive Process) was used and over 70 Vision Deployment workshops were conducted globally across the organisation along with business leaders to cover over 85% of the 6000 plus workforce.

Leadership Development framework:

Helped create a framework for Leadership Development and Succession planning for a 450 Million IT Major with 12000 employees. Helped define their HIPO programs and assessment centers for leaders. Helped conduct  periodically structured talent pipeline review.

Employee Engagement :

Successfully Introduced Manager score card as a key tool to drive employee engagement. Also introduced daily online barometers to get a pulse of the organisation as it was spread across 40 odd  offices worldwide.

Compensation Structuring and Implementation of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) based Variable Pay Plans:

To drive teamwork and help retain focus and balance between long term and short term targets introduced BSC based variable pay plans. With support of data showing correlation between manager scorecard and engagement score of their team, convinced managers to have parameters related to Employee engagement and attrition etc, as aspects indicative of their people management skills.